Study: Augmented Reality and Privacy Concerns

Augmented Reality (AR), per definition, collects and processes a lot of information about a user and his/her environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that privacy concerns are among the most frequently discussed topics when it comes to AR. But (how) do privacy risks influence consumers? Our recent JBR-study provides answers!

Four new book chapters on Augmented Reality Marketing

Me and my co-authors attended the 2017 international AR VR conference at MMU Manchester this year. Some of the papers were revised, extended and further developed for a book publication in a Springer book. I was (co-)authoring four of them. These papers address fundamental issues of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, and AR in general. The Read More …

Research Explains the Pokémon Go Hype

Why do people play a mobile Augmented Reality Game in which they can catch virtual creatures? In summer 2016, but still now, we saw and still see many people walking on the streets playing Pokémon Go. While newspapers and other mass media have widely discussed the reasons, academic research – so far – has not Read More …

New Article: Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for Collaboration:

Are Augmented Reality Smart Glasses a promising device for Enterprise Social Networks? We discuss this idea in a forthcoming article and propose a series of antecedents to successful implementation both on a firm- and individual level. 

What do Americans think about smart glasses? Our study provides answers!

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and IBM are just few examples of leading technology firms that have just recently announced, launched or patented devices termed as Augmented Reality Smart Glasses (syn: smart glasses, data glasses). “Augmented Reality Smart Glasses are defined as wearable Augmented Reality (AR) devices that are worn like regular glasses and merge Read More …