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Schöne Weihnachten und ein frohes neues Jahr

Ich wünsche Lesern meines Blogs schöne Weihnachten und für 2024 alles Gute, v.a. Gesundheit!

In diesem Jahr haben wir unsere Weihnachtskarten mittels KI selbst erstellt. Wir haben ChatGPT4 gefragt, wie die Weihnachtsgeschichte im Metaverse stattgefunden hätte. Anschließend hat DALL-E uns ein Bild dazu erstellt. Ein paar Karten haben wir gedruckt und verschickt, die digitale Version gibt es hier (eigentlich quadratisch).

In a distant corner of the Metaverse, a digital universe brimming with pixels and possibilities, a unique story unfolded. Mary and Joseph, created as avatars, traveled to Digital Bethlehem for a census. Mary, glowing with a digital pregnancy aura, rode a holographic donkey, guided by Joseph, an avatar with a soothing voice.

When they arrived, they found the servers overloaded, with every virtual inn occupied. Desperate for shelter, they found it in a digital stable surrounded by NPC sheep and cows. Here, Mary gave birth to her son, nestled in an NFT manger, amidst soft digital lighting.

At the same time, NPC shepherds in a nearby field were dazzled by a radiant light. Holographic angels announced the birth of the digital savior. Following a shining star, they found the newborn Avatar.

Meanwhile, Wise Men avatars from the digital East, led by a dynamic star marker, brought gifts to the child: a gold NFT, incense tokens, and a rare myrrh cryptocurrency fit for a digital king.

That night in the metaverse marked the beginning of a story of digital love, hope, and a light in the virtual darkness, celebrated across the metaverse to honor the miraculous birth of a child avatar in a humble digital stable in Digital Bethlehem, changing the virtual world forever.