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Special Issue on Metaverse and Spatial Computing

The metaverse describes the vision of a new, still futuristic level of the Internet ecosystem where content can be represented in three dimensions. In the metaverse, consumers appear as avatars who own and trade objects (e.g. digital goods, real estate, etc.) and can perform almost all activities familiar from the real world. Social activities such as dancing in virtual clubs, meeting new people, and learning in virtual or hybrid classrooms could become commonplace in the near future. Cities could have digital twins in the metaverse, and consumers could virtually enter these cities through VR or augment them in the real world with persistent AR content. Metaverse Twin Managers, a futuristic profession, could be responsible for coordinating the physical world and its representation in the metaverse. The first platforms already exist, prototyping what the Metaverse could mean for us in the future.

We have established a team of influential XR researchers from a variety of disciplines. We also have an experienced practitioner on board, Jeremy Dalton, who represents XR and the Metaverse at PWC USA.

  1. Prof. Arpan Kumar Kar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  2. Prof. Timothy Jung, Manchester Metropolitan University
  3. Prof. Philipp A. Rauschnabel, Universität der Bundeswehr München
  4. Prof. Carolyn A. Lin, University of Connecticut
  5. Prof. Mark Billinghurst, University of South Australia 
  6. Mr. Jeremy Dalton, PWC

Link: Call for Papers