UM-Dearborn News on Pokémon Go Research

In the news article “Player enjoyment doesn’t lead to in-app purchases according to UM-Dearborn faculty’s Pokémon Go research”, the University of Michigan-Dearborn reports about our recent research on Augmented Reality Games. The short article provides a great summary of the main findings. Earlier this year, we published an empirical study on Pokémon Go. In a survey, we identified various drivers and barriers. We can also give recommendations regarding the usefulness of App ratings as a proxy for financial performance. In short: The findings suggest that people like playing the game for gratifications related to themselves (e.g. fun, activity etc). However, the spent money particularly for reasons related to others (e.g. norms).  The study was published with two  Augmented Reality experts, Alexander Rossmann from Germany, and M. Claudia tom Dieck (UK).


Play: For Me,
Pay: For others!

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