Teaching Awards

2016: Meritorious Teaching Award

  • Evaluation of teaching materials and strategies, as well as international teaching experience and measurement of teaching effectiveness
  • Awarded by the Marketing Management Association (MMA) and Hormel Foods


2016: Digital Education Awards

  • Best model for assessing students online
  • selected by the University Curriculum and Degree Committee (UCDC) / Office of the Provost


2015: Teacher of the Year – voted by students

  • Voted by the College of Business students


2013: LinkSys Doctoral Student Teaching Scholar Award, USA

  • Awarded by the Marketing Management Association
  • Judged based on Teaching Performance, Teaching Innovations, and Teaching Philosophy


2012: Excellence in Teaching Award, Bamberg, Germany

  • Voted as the best course instructor among more than 200 instructors
  • Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. School of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration







Distinguished Teaching Award UofM-Dearborn 2016/17

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