Speaker on AR/VR

Prof. Rauschnabel is a distinguished expert in the field of Augmented Reality. He is a frequently booked speaker at numerous conferences, institutions and firm events (approx. one to three per month). In his vivid talks, he transfers recent managerially relevant research findings into practice. Guarantee: No boring theory. No formulas. Maximum benefit. Absolutely hands-on. Customized to the audience.

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Augmented Reality Speaker

Philipp can present both in German and in English. He was a faculty member and researcher at University of Michigan for almost four years. As a speaker, he focuses on Augmented Reality (incl. related topics, such as virtual reality or mixed reality), digital marketing and digital business.

Examples of public presentations in 2019:

  • 94th Mercedes Benz Social Media Night Stuttgart (together with Pinterest)
  • Connecta Bern 2019 Conference, Sitzerland
  • Digital Innovations Lecture Series, JLU Würzburg
  • 5th intl. AR/VR Conference (Opening Keynote and during the pre-conference)
  • FamilyUni at AIM Heilbronn
  • Satellite Navigation Summit 2019 (Keynote & Panel Moderation on AR)
  • Invited Talk @ ISCTE Lisbon (Business School), Portugal
  • Family Event @ UniBw M
  • public aim workshop Tauberbischofsheim on Digitization
  • public aim workshop Heilbronn on Digitization
  • MCI Austria AR/VR workshops
  • German Defense Privacy Day
  • …and many more!

Augmented Reality Expert

Philipp Rauschnabel is a highly cited researcher in the field of Augmented Reality, Digitization and Social Media (Marketing). He is an author of more than 100 academic publications. In the field of Augmented Reality, he is among the most highly cited consumer researchers. He serves as an interview partner for multiple newspapers, professional magazines, TV / radio channels, blogs and expert studies frequently.


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