Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an interdisciplinary and cross-functional concept that uses social media (often in combination with other communications channels) to achieve organizational goals by creating value for stakeholders. On a strategic level, social media marketing covers an organization’s decisions about social media marketing scope (ranging from defenders to explorers), culture (ranging from conservatism to modernism), structure (ranging from hierarchies to networks), and governance (ranging from autocracy to anarchy).

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To manage social media effectively, one must be aware of the technology, user behavior, and the challenges that arise for companies. Social Media Marketing is too complex to be solely managed by Marketing Departments. It is associated with issues in IT security, HR, organizational behavior, strategy, accounting, CRM, and so forth. In my research, I addressed different topics of social media marketing:




Strategic Social Media Process Framework

For consulting purposes, I developed a framework that shows an ideal-typical process of implementing social media. One core conclusion is that all companies are influenced by social media and thus have to be aware of it. That means, each company needs to consider social media guidelines/policies that regulate how their employees should (not) use social media. Likewise, all companies need to be aware of social media monitoring. Monitoring consumers, competitors, suppliers, of potential/current/former employees, and other stakeholders is a necessary requirement for effective management. That being said, also companies whose customers usually do not post about a company’s products (e.g. industrial buyers in a B2B-Setting) can learn more about their brands and achieve competitive advantages.

A Framework for strategic social media marketing



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