Forthcoming book: Augmented and Virtual Reality (Springer)

In early 2020, our new book – an edited volume – will be published by Springer.

Jung, Timothy, tom Dieck, M. Claudia, Rauschnabel, Philipp A.
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Changing Realities in a Dynamic World


The book includes multiple papers accross disciplines that were presented during the 5th intl AR VR conference in Munich (2019).



This book features the latest research in the area of immersive technologies, presented at the 5th International Augmented and Virtual Reality Conference, held in Munich, Germany in 2019. Bridging the gap between academia and industry, it presents the state of the art in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies and their applications in various industries such as marketing, education, healthcare, tourism, events, fashion, entertainment, retail and the gaming industry.
The volume is a collection of research papers by prominent AR and VR scholars from around the globe. Covering the most significant topics in the field of augmented and virtual reality and providing the latest findings, it is of interest to academics and practitioners alike.


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