Interview on AR / VR technologies in sales management

I was interviewed by the German magazine “Business Developer Plus” on AR and VR in sales management. In the interview, I discuss findings from my own and colleagues’ research and provide some predictions how these technologies will impact the future of sales management.

“Business Developer Plus” is a special issue by one of the leading German magazines on sales management, “vertriebsmanager” (“sales manager”).

The main statements on AR in sales (or VR in sales) are:

  • Augmented Reality can positively impact a company’s image.
  • Augmented Reality allows new opportunities for after sales service.
  • Implementing AR in enterprises requires acceptance both from managers and users.
  • In contrast to most existing, AR technologies are not just able to threaten a user’s privacy but also the privacy of the people around a user.

The article can be accessed here (in German). The article starts on page 7.


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