Are Augmented Reality Smart Glasses good or bad for Society?

Recent market research predictions show that Augmented Reality Smart Glasses, a new form of wearable AR devices, will soon influence the media and technology landscape. While most prior studies highlight the numerous potentials in personal and professional contexts, ARSGs, such as Google Glass, have also triggered many controversies in public discussions and in the media. For instance, the risk of violating public privacy and copyright laws. However, very little research addresses the fundamental questions of whether ARSGs are good or bad for societies, and if yes, why or why not.

I a recent publication, we addressed this research gap in an exploratory research. Based on a survey among German consumers, we identify several societal benefits and risks that related to people’s evaluation of the anticipated and desired success of ARSGs.

Consequences of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for Societies

The factors we discuss and investigate are several risks and benefits.

Risks – the negative consequences of smart glasses

  • loss of social cohesion
  • loss of awareness
  • loss of privacy in public

Benefits – the positive consequences of smart glasses

  • the societal safety improvement potential
  • the societal progress potential
  • the overall societal perceived usefulness.

In the study, we apply structural equation modeling to assess how these factors impact the anticipated and desired success of ARSGs. In addition, we show how the perception of these risks differs between various consumer segments.

Societal Consequences or ARSGs.

The study can be downloaded on Research Gate for academic purpose, PDF



download file


The study has been published as the lead article in a book called “Mobile Technologies and Augmented Reality in Open Education” edited by G. Kurubacak and H, Altinpullu, IGI Global, Link:


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