Current project on drones

Together with some German colleagues and students (University of Bamberg), we aim at understanding the underlying mechanisms, emotions and feeling of drone usage. Particularly: Why do people use drones? Which factors drive the acceptance? Do factors such as privacy, social norms, and facilitation conditions matter? Theoretically, this is really interesting as most traditional acceptance theories consist of predominantly utilitarian antecedents.

Results of this study aim at increasing the understanding of novel technologies. By the way, although the word ‘drone’ is very common in everyday discussions, it is very negatively associated among ‘drone’ users. A more appropriate term in this community is multi-copter.

To take part in the survey (in German only), follow this link:

About the survey

Taking the survey takes, depending on some filters, approx. 10-12 minutes. Some questions might sound very similar. This is for measurement-theoretic reasons. If you are not 100% sure how to answer a particular question, please answer spontaneously. There are no right or wrong answers. We are aware that you might find some questions somehow ‘strange’. The reason why these questions are included is that we are particularly interested in understanding emotional factors. These are established questions in psychological research.

Summary of the findings

Interested respondents can get a summary of the findings. Just add your Email at the end of the survey or check my website in couple of weeks again. If you have any questions, want to get results without taking part in the survey or without entering your Email, please contact Daniel Hein or me via Email.


Conflict of interests/Privacy:

All analyses are conducted on an anonymized data set. We will only publish aggregated results and no individual data. We do not collaborate with any commercial institutions or companies. Prof. Rauschnabel holds a PEEERS Human Subjects Certification from University of Michigan for ethical standards in research with human subjects.



Update: A hilarious summary of what the community thinks of the term ‘drone’:


(credit/source: Bane, Link)


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