i4c Presentation on AR Glasses in Munich

I got the opportunity to present our recent research findings on Augmented Reality Smart Glasses at the i4c: Symposium on innovation in moving images / mixed reality day. Thanks to Astrid Kahnke and Dirk Schart (RE’FLEKT GmbH) for inviting me! The #i4c has a really interesting concept. Speakers from academia, agencies and industry present on recent topics in AR and VR. Great concept, well organized and inspiring people!

In my presentation, I will show some yet unpublished results and recent consumer statements. Topics include the privacy paradox, fashnology and value creation for companies. I will also provide an outlook of what the future of AR in marketing is.

welcome by dirk schart


Papers and Research on AR Smart Glasses

If you are interested in further information, here are some links:

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