What Germans think about Google Glass

During my time at University of Bamberg, I conducted a study on smart glasses in a German shopping center. Focusing on Google Glass, we asked consumers about the benefits of smart glasses. Although Google Glass, in it’s past form, won’t have a future, I think sharing the core findings might still be of interest.

Broadly speaking, the following factors seem to be highly salient to consumers: Entertainment, Attention-related stuff, Inspiration, Documentation, Life-Efficiency. Social Aspects, so far, seem to be less salient. Important to note, these means do not say anything about the importance of the factors in explaining smart glasses adoption.

consumer perceptions of AR Glasses

The data for this study was collected in summer 2014. Consumers were surveyed in a German shopping mall using CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviews. Candy/Sweets and soft-drinks were offered as incentive for participation.

A similar study was conducted in 2015 in the US with the help of Morpace Inc. Click here to read what American consumers think about smart glasses.  If you are interested in learning more about the drivers of smart glasses adoption, the study on human personality and google glass or this technology acceptance study could be beneficial.


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