A Brand Love Short Scale for Universities

For a recent project that is forthcoming in the Journal of Business Research, we measured students’ emotional relationship with their university – university brand love. We adopted items from Batra, Ahuvia, & Bagozzi (2012)s conceptualization of Brand Love, and Bagozzi, Batra & Ahuvia (2014)s’ working paper provided suggestions for short scales. However, we reworded the items in a way that they can be measured via Likert Scales. Then, experts validated the items and made minor adjustments. 223 US-students answered this scale with regards to their university in a pilot study. A series of factor analyses helped us finding the ‘best’ items. In our main study, we validated the scale on a different sample. Also, we showed how brand love relates with university brand personality.

University Brand Love Scale

  • I expect that [university] will be a part of my life for a long time to come.
  • If [university] would go out of existence, I would feel anxiety.
  • Being a student at [university] makes my life more meaningful.
  • I feel myself desiring [university].
  • I feel emotionally connected to [university].
  • Overall, my feelings towards [university] are positive.

…anchored on a scale from 1 (=strongly disagree) to  7 (=strongly agree).

Psychometric Characteristics of University Brand Love

The scale shows good psychometric characteristics. For example, based on a study on 211 U.S. students, using confirmatory factor analyses with a Maximum-Likelihood Estimator with robust error terms (MLR) in Mplus 7.1. We identified the following criteria: Cronbach’s α = .93; Composite Reliability (C.R.) = .70; Average Variance Extracted (AVE) = .67.

As this scale is relatively short, this has many advantages. For example, it can be measured in academic studies related to university branding. Furthermore, university marketing managers can use this scale for market research purposes.

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