Interview on Smart Glasses in Logistics

I was interviewed by the German Business Magazine ‘Mobile Business‘ on smart glasses. I (and few other industry experts) gave some statements on how smart glasses can improve existing technologies, such as handhelds. Additionally, the article discusses several challenges associated with smart glasses in logistics. I am summarizing the core points of smart glasses and other wearables in logistics in this posting.

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DOWNLOAD: Here is a PDF of the article/interview with some highlighted passages.

Smart Glasses in Logistics

This interview/article is in German. However, in short, the benefits of smart glasses in logistics are:

  • In some situations, having access to handhelds is risky, too distraction or time-consuming, or even impossible. With smart glasses, a worker just has to ‘look’ at an item and it can be covered/scanned automatically.
  • Smart glasses can cover additional functions, such as navigation, within a warehouse.
  • In time-crucial situations where people have to solve yet unknown problems, they might also not be aware of how and where to find these information in ESNs or other documentaries. Smart glasses can use all the available information (e.g. a worker’s physical location, visible information, previous requests etc.) to narrow the potential problems down. This enables users to find relevant information faster and easier.
  • Smart glasses can include communication technologies, such as video-chats. By doing so, they can ‘integrate’ a colleague in one’s view-field. Consider, for instance, the example where a worker has yet unknown problems with a forklift. A service technician can then be integrated into the worker’s view-field and provide him/her with the necessary information to solve the issue. An example in a private context is shown in the figure below (source: Hololens Trailer).

hololens smart glasses in logistics and collaboration


(Hololens; Source:, Hololens Trailer, Screenshots)

Risks of Smart Glasses in Logistics

However, what we do not know so far are potential risks of smart glasses in logistics. How does it influence a worker’s health and/or security? Does it lead to distraction? Other risks? This is what we have to understand. That’s up to future research on smart glasses!




Mobile business is a brand name. The featured image is taken and modified from

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