Digital Marketing Night Presentation

On Monday, we had a great “MRM//McCann Digital Marketing Night” – conference at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Topics included Digital Marketing Digital Analytics, GM’s strategy, and Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. There were more than 150 students, faculty, and industry professionals attending. We had four presentations and great discussions and networking opportunities.

Research Presentation on Smart Glasses

Several people asked me to share my research presentation on smart glasses (that presented findings from Young Ro’s and my research, conducted with Morpace Inc). I can’t share the entire presentation as they include yet unpublished data. But I have included some findings from other studies in a version that is available for download here.

▶Download (pdf)

Thanks to the AMA chapter for this great event, and MRM//McCann.

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Digital Marketing Night Augmented Reality smart glassesResearch Presentation on Smart Glasses

The next Research Presentation on Smart Glasses I will give is at the University of Southern Denmark on Dec 17, 2015. Findings on social media marketing will be presented at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference, Las Vegas. Read here to find a definition of smart glasses / augmented reality.

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