New smart glasses research paper accepted for publication

Our paper “Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: An Investigation of Technology Acceptance Drivers” has recently been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Technology Marketing (IJTMKT). In this research, we investigated adoption drivers of smart glasses (such as Microsoft Hololens or Google Glass). We used the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and its extension as the underlying theory, and regression and mediation analyses to analyze the data. The paper has been written by myself and my colleague Young Ro from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, College of Business.

Abstract – Augmented Reality Smart Glasses: An Investigation of Technology Acceptance Drivers

Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass are two examples of a new stream of wearable technology devices called ‘Augmented Reality Smart Glasses’ that might substantially influence media usage in the near future. In this study, the authors draw upon prior Technology Acceptance Research and propose an exploratory model of antecedents to smart glasses adoption. An empirical study reveals the importance of various drivers, such as functional benefits, ease of use, individual difference variables, brand attitudes, and social norms. Although, smart glasses are worn in a similar manner to fashion accessories and capture various personal information, self-presentation benefits and potential privacy concerns seem to be less likely to influence smart glasses adoption. The findings provide pre-market knowledge about smart glasses that can help scholars and managers understand this new technology.

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My conclusion

From my view, the most interesting findings are (1) the strong influence of social norms, and (2) the non-significant effect of privacy concerns. Both factors will be assessed in new studies, soon. For those of you who are not that familiar with this topic, here is a definition of smart glasses and additional background information. I will publish a second, more applied blog posting here once the study has been published.

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