2015 Summer AMA Conference and Smart Glasses Model

This year’s Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago. A great conference hotel located on the Chicago River, with many great presentations and discussions. Some attendees asked me to share the “media generation model” I presented in the introduction of my presentation on smart glasses on Sunday morning. Here it is:

Hololens Smart Glasses Media Framework


Model: Rauschnabel, Philipp A.; Brem, Alexander; Ro, Young K. (2015): Augmented Reality Smart Glasses. Definition, Conceptual Insights, and Managerial Importance. Unpublished Working Paper. The University of Michigan – Dearborn, College of Business.

Presentation: Rauschnabel, P.A.; Brem, A.; Ivens, B.S. (2015): Mixing Physical and Virtual Realities: Implications of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for the Management of Innovation, Proceedings of the 2015 AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference, Chicago (IL), 8/14 – 8/16/2015.


Here are some impressions:


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The next conference is the American Marketing Association 2016 AMA Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference in Las Vegas, NV in Feb 16.

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